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Roundtable on Ethical Approaches for Working with Traditional artists

Artists, entrepreneurs & stakeholders discussed the ethical ways of working with ICH communities.

A discussion on working together for the sustainability of intangible cultural heritage through an exploration of the symbiotic relationship between traditional communities and creative industry stakeholders was held on 6th Oct, 2020. The online discussion was joined by stakeholders like publications, galleries, art houses, film makers, festival organizers, cultural spaces,...

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Workshop on a Toolkit for Heritage-Sensitive Commercialization

Online workshop for sharing a toolkit with experts and NGOs working with ICH  communities.

Currently, the ICH communities all over the world face many challenges like over-commercialization, the violation of the intellectual property rights of traditional artists, misappropriation of ICH etc. However, there is lack of practical guidance on how to address these issues, think about the relationship between ICH and the market, and what practical steps communities and other stakeholders...

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This research project, Heritage Sensitive Intellectual Property and Marketing strategies: India (HIPAMS - INDIA), is funded by the British Academy's Sustainable Development Programme, supported under the UK Government's Global Challenges Research Fund 2018-2021.