Online webinar on IP, ICH and Sustainable Development

Know about the HIPAMS Toolkit on planning for sustainable development through ICH. The panel of this webinar will delve into the tensions and debates about legalities concerning heritage protection, the gaps in economic issues and the impact of commercialization in the heritage field, and the implications of this for communities seeking to benefit economically from their ICH.  A toolkit has been developed as part of the HIPAMS project to address this lack of practical guidance on the relationship between ICH and the market, and how to think about heritage-sensitive commercialization, or commercialization that supports heritage safeguarding. This toolkit, about engaging communities in planning for sustainable development using intangible cultural heritage will also be discussed in the webinar. The speakers are Ananya Bhattacharya, director banglanatak dot com, Dr. Harriet Deacon, ICH expert & UNESCO consultant, Dr. Lucas Lixinski, Faculty of Law, UNSW Sydney, Dr. Tuomas Mattila, Senior Researcher, Finnish Environment Institute, Dr. Charlotte Waelde, Professor of Intellectual Property Law in the Centre for Dance Research at Coventry University, Dr. Diego Rinallo, Associate Professor of marketing and consumer culture at KEDGE Business School, Dr. Benedetta Ubertazzi, Professor of European Union Law at the University of Milan-Bicocca, and a Professor of ICH & IP Law at Bocconi University, Anindita Patra, culture and development professional. Please click here to register in advance for the webinar. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. Ananya Bhattacharya will begin the webinar at 3 pm with an introductory session. After that, Dr. Harriet Deacon, Dr. Lucas Lixinski and Tuomas Mittial will share their experiences in ICH, IP and marketing. Thisa will be followed by a Q & A session. After break, Dr. Charlotte Waelde introduce the HIPAMS project and Dr. Diego Rinallo, Dr. Benedetta Ubertazzi and Dr. Harriet Deacon will present the HIPAMS toolkit. The outcome of the HIPAMS project will be shared by Anindita Patra. The webinar will be ended with a Q & A session and concluding remarks by the team members.

This research project, Heritage Sensitive Intellectual Property and Marketing strategies: India (HIPAMS - INDIA), is funded by the British Academy's Sustainable Development Programme, supported under the UK Government's Global Challenges Research Fund 2018-2021.